Five Best Living Room Speaker Sets


If you're watching movies, playing video games, or enjoying your favorite TV shows to just the speakers in your television, you're missing out. A great set of living room speakers doesn't have to break the bank or take up a ton of space, although some of the best models do. That's why we asked you which living room speaker sets you thought were the best. Here's a look at five of those great sets, based on your nominations.


Remote-control driving option makes Chinese car a world first | Motoramic - Yahoo! Autos


No Chinese automaker remains quite as enigmatic as BYD. The battery maker-turned-carbuilder made a splash four years ago with ambitious plans to sell plug-in hybrids in the United States, winning a vote of confidence from investor Warren Buffet who took a 10 percent stake in the firm. Since then, BYD plans have dimmed; the company brought over a few vehicles for fleet testing, but sales in China have been slow for all of its models. To lure Chinese shoppers in, BYD has turned to pioneering a different technology: remote-control driving, a first for a car that didn't come in a cardboard box.

Disney Robots Play Catch With Your Kids [VIDEO]


The Terminator is a decade away...

Attention all parents: Disney, the company that wants to absorb all childhood happiness, both past and present, is planning to replace you with robots. Unsatisfied with the secondary love and attention they receive from controlling your favorite characters and cartoons, Disney means to spend quality time with the world’s children in an attempt to feel what it’s like to have a child of its own. (No, having subsidiaries like ABC and ESPN doesn’t count.)